Meijer revs up with GreenLight Collectibles

meijer.jpgIndianapolis, IN (September 10, 2010) Meijer has carried GreenLight for years with their inventory ranging from staple best sellers to seasonal trends but through those years one thing has become clear; Meijer is a supermart that has the capacity to satisfy an assortment of products for toy/hobby enthusiasts.

The toy department within Meijer has created a demand that GreenLight is excited to supply, creating a huge plus for consumers searching for a readily available market to source the die cast hobby. GreenLight collectors can expect to see the growth in presence at Meijer all the way until the New Year and beyond.

Assortments currently being stocked at Meijer:

- 1:64 Muscle Car Garage
- 1:64 Auction Block
- 1:64 County Roads
- 1:64 Hot Pursuit
- 1:64 Dioramas 

Each assortment carries updated series introduced at different intervals throughout the year. “Planning the assortments that will be present for the upcoming seasons has been an exciting endeavor” says Russell Hughes, VP of Sales and Marketing. A venture that will bring Meijer to one of the largest Mass Market Accounts held at GreenLight Collectibles.

Additional Assortments that will be stocked at Meijer for the New Year:

- 1:64 GL Muscle
- 1:64 Hollywood Ledgends
- 1:64 Rt. 66 USA 

With the inventory growth for a popular and valuable retail chain as Meijer, GreenLight Collectibles is closer to your personal die cast collection.

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