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Indianapofacebook.bmplis, IN (August 26, 2010) So if you haven’t checked it out already GreenLight has joined the social network “FaceBook”.  With the modern world becoming more tech savy, there has been an increased number of users on such sites as Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.  GreenLight has decided to use these avenues of exposure to publicize their products and become accessible to every level of  collector.

The GreenLight Fan Page has been able to provide opportunities for fans from all over the world to come together and celebrate what they love about GreenLight.  Fans are able to comment on series line-ups, hear day-to-day activities from GreenLight Staff as well as give tips to other GreenLight Fans on where to find certain items out in the market.

GreenLight's FaceBook Fan Page has been a fun, interactive way to establish business relationships as well as meet others with the same interests, goals, principals and passions within the diecast industry.  The ability to reach out to collectors in other countries,  stores that collectors patronize and the surrounding communities (auto clubs, hobby enthusiast, model makers, s gauian) has made the network a social hub of events and current news for GreenLight and all their endeavors.

To take the GreenLight FaceBook Fan Page and present it to the diecast collectors as something exciting, a contest has been put in place to see how fast they grow within a network known for making "friends"; FaceBook.  GreenLight is now holding a contest that once they reach 10,000 fan “Likes” on their page, one lucky participant will be chosen to win a 1:64 Green Machine.

The exact model has not been announced, but GreenLight is taking suggestions on Twitter. All you have to do is Re-Tweet "@GLCollectibles” with your suggestion..and that’s it! 

Stay tuned for updates. The contest started on Tuesday August 24, 2010 and will go on for however long it takes to gain those Likes!

Currently the page is around 1,170 Likes, so there is a long way to go.

To participate in the event please visit GreenLight’s Fan Page Link:





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