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toycollector_com.jpgIndianapolis, IN (March 4,2010) Whether you’re a manufacturer, retailer, dealer or collector you have to stay in touch with what is going on in the industry.  The explosion of social networks online has catapulted today’s die cast enthusiast into an endless supply of resources to gather information, share collections and discuss what’s hot. 

The most effective way to congregate all of these benefits is in community forums.  GreenLight is visible on the collector’s community forums as they understand that these are the places where their market can be reached directly and on a massive level.

Choosing the best collector community forum is important to ensure that you are putting forth the effort that is going to be the most beneficial in your quest for up-to date, on the minute goings on of all things die cast.  When looking for a site that is credible and active, look no further than Toy Collector. 

Toy Collector’s audience is a collaboration of every level of the die cast business.  The manufacturers, such as GreenLight and other leading companies use this outlet as a bulletin board to post announcements of future releases that include series line-ups, production quantities, retail outlets, release dates and images of the product.  All points of which are incredibly important when supplying the demand of information for collectors.  The collectors can then become a focus group, giving their opinions, pointing out attributes and voicing suggestions on their judgment.

“Understanding your collector is one of the most basic mantras for any successful business,” says Russell Hughes, VP of Sales and Marketing at GreenLight Collectibles, “Staying attuned to the market and constantly evolving will ensure that the collector will always comeback for more.”  And just how does GreenLight give more, well you will have to join Toy Collector to find out.  Visit the GreenLight thread in the forum, bookmark and come back often.  GreenLight is positive that you will not want to miss all the juicy details they have to hand out.

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