Under The Hood Opens its Doors

Indianapolis, IN (August 11, 2011) Under The Hood (UTH), the official club of GreenLight Collectibles since 2007, is opening its doors to the public.  On  September 1, 2011, UTH will become a free and open forum for all GreenLight diecast enthusiasts to share your thoughts, preferences and experiences and help GreenLight continue to provide you with the high-quality diecast replicas you’ve come to expect.  After this change, UTH will no longer offer merchandise for sale.

Until this time, the club will not be accepting new memberships and current memberships will continue without expiration.

Don’t worry – as we make this transition, our top-notch staff here at GreenLight is committed to making it your go-to source for information about what we’re doing here at GreenLight, including Sneak Peeks about planned and upcoming releases. 

Current members will be able to access the forum with their current usernames and passwords, which will no longer need to be renewed.   New members will be able to obtain usernames and passwords by visiting www.underthehoodclub.com and providing just a bit of information about themselves.

Any current members should feel free to communicate concerns regarding prepaid UTH membership fees  by emailing: info@underthehoodclub.com.  Other comments or requests not suited for airing in the public forum may be directed to the same email address; we will respond promptly.

We are excited about this change in UTH and hope that all of UTH’s current and future members will enjoy what’s coming!

Thank you again,

UTH Staff

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