1:18 Retro Volkswagens represents 60’s Surfer Style without the Sand

Its GreenLight Special Edition, BRAH!

Indianapolis, IN (August 16, 2011) GreenLight has put a retro spin on two iconic automobiles of surfer hippie folklore; the 1967 Volkswagen Beetle and 1962 Volkswagen Bus.  Both have been released with throw-back body paint schemes for the 1:18 Special Edition, reflective of a totally tubular tale of transportation.

Hippies and surfers both have similar lifestyles in behavior and philosophies.  Their simple, peace, love and green way of life was represented in every aspect of their existence, including the automobile that they choose to drive.

The Volkswagen had the reputation in the counter-culture as "people’s cars", they were designed to be mechanically simple and reliable so that anyone with a basic set of tools could learn to be his own Volkswagen mechanic. By the sixties, the Beetle had been sold for almost twenty years with few design modifications. This enabled the hippie surfer mechanic to easily mix and match parts from different vehicles made in different years to keep at least one VW running. This design conception fit well into the surfer hippie’s simple subsistence.

The Volkswagen provided mobility and, in the case of the Bus, an instant flop house, the room to transport groups of people and of course a surfboard or two!  

Retro Volkswagen

1:18th Scale
(12837 - 12838)

  • 1962 Volkswagen Micro Bus





  • 1967 Volkswagen Beetle



These 1:18 die-cast replicas feature detailed engines, opening doors, real rubber tires, metal body and plastic chassis, detailed graphics, custom license plates and are officially licensed. Their release is scheduled for August 2011 and 2,500 pieces of each color will be produced.  Both models will be available through official GreenLight hobby shops and wholesale dealers.  For more information about GreenLight's 1:18 scale and other quality collectibles visit http://www.greenlightcollectibles.com.

GreenLight® Collectibles is a premier manufacturer and marketer of officially licensed, authentic die-cast replica vehicles. GreenLight die-cast replicas are available in 1:18, 1:24 and 1:64 scale and are officially licensed by General Motors, Ford Motor Company, Chrysler Group LLC, Carroll Shelby Licensing, Warner Bros® Entertainment Inc and the Chadwick McQueen and The Terry McQueen Testamentary Trust, CBS, Universal Studios, Mecum Auto Auction, IZOD IndyCar Series, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Grand-Am Road Racing Association, Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, Bridgestone Americas and more!

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